Pastor Eric is the associate pastor of ALC, serving ALC's administrative needs while leading CAYA ministry, a branch of ALC. If you were to ask P. Eric what it is that keeps him bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, he would tell you that his passion flows from his calling. Since 2008, it has been Eric's calling from God to pursue Army Chaplaincy. It was God's idea, and all Eric had to do was say, "yes." Following Eric's "yes" to the calling, Eric would also learn to say "yes" to things like truth, faith, hope and love, along with hard things like forgiveness, humility, obedience and sacrifice. Ultimately, Eric only wants to keep saying "yes" to Jesus.  Through many a testimony, he hopes you will say "yes" to Jesus too! 

     Eric grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, east of Los Angeles, with his parents, Kim and William. After high school, he attended The University of Southern California, majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design. Following his call to ministry, he studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and received a Masters in Divinity. As a volunteer, he served the church as a Pre-School and Elementary teacher’s assistant, Youth Group Teacher, Men’s Group Leader, and Lay Leader. As a minister-in-training, he has served as a college pastoral intern, hospice intern, army chaplain intern, college pastor, and now, associate pastor at Abundant Life Community. He is married to the lovely Christie Ferguson and enjoys art-making, rock-climbing, and Jesus-loving.​



Pastor Eric Ferguson